~ Tribune ~


Tribune was a title shared by elected officials in the Roman Republic. Tribunes had the power to convene the Plebeian Council and to act as its president, which also gave them the right to propose legislation before it. They were sacrosanct, in the sense that any assault on their person was prohibited. They had the power to veto actions taken by magistrates, and specifically to intervene legally on behalf of plebeians. The tribune could also summon the Senate and lay proposals before it.

The Tribune outfit comes with a leather breast plate, which has an attached cape (option without is included also), a pair of leather leg splints, a pair of sandals made of cork and leather, bangels for both arms and highly detailed primwork with roleplay props on the belt.

People on Gor are proud of their caste and show it by wearing their caste’s color.

available in:

  • black
  • black-red
  • blue
  • blue-red
  • blue-yellow
  • brown
  • brown-black
  • brown-green
  • brown-yellow
  • gray
  • gray-green
  • green
  • purple
  • red
  • red-yellow (checkered)
  • tan
  • teal-red
  • white
  • white-green
  • white-yellow
  • yellow
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