~ Maria – The Lady in Men’s clothes ~


“I’m what they call the unusual one in my family. Growing up, I always preferred the boys’ games. Dolls weren’t for me, much to my parents’ continued exasperation. I used to pull their heads off.”

Dresses aren’t for the wild or the fight and Maria is a dreamer. She wants to become a knight one day and so she prefers a simple tunic and a pair of linnen pants over long flowing dresses. A long belt holds the tunic casually around her hips. Her feet are covered by a pair of wedged boots, perfect for travels of any kind and the long hooded leather cape is protection and disguise in one. Protection from the cold when she rests outside and disguise from the people to be reckoned as one of the men.

This outfit comes with multiply wearable options for your own choosing and liking. It comes with a scripted cape (done/undone the hood), a pair of studded bracers and high wedged boots.

available in:

  • amethyst (dark)
  • amethyst (light)
  • aqua
  • blue (dark)
  • blue (light)
  • brown
  • grass
  • green
  • khaki
  • purple (dark)
  • purple (light)
  • red
  • rose
  • sand
  • teal

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