~ Game of Thrones / A Song of Fire & Ice – The Knights’ Outfits ~

GoT - House Karstark
GoT - House Tarly

*** Outfits inspired by the books by George R. R. Martin ***

The fantastic world of George R. R. Martin found it’s way into our Second Life and provides a wonderful background for fantastic roleplay. Many family houses struggling in the Game of Thrones for their own goals and here we bring you the first nine men’s armor for the individual houses.

Where will you be in the Game of Thrones???

These are the latest arrivals to the Houses garments. Some had been asked for, some are my personal pick and then there are some I thought would be nice to have a second choice in store.

GoT - House Stark

available in:

  • House Arryn (2nd version)
  • House Blackwood
  • House Cerwyn
  • House Karstark
  • House Manderly
  • House Martell (2nd version)
  • House Mormont
  • House Reed
  • House Stark (2nd version)
  • House Targaryen (2nd version)
  • House Tarly
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