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Enjoy your roleplay, live your lifestyle and look authentic with an outfit that looks good and realistic from every angle.

It all began with a need…

In the end of 2007 the first voices began to rise for the gorean roleplay in Second Life to become closer to the books of John Norman. But even if people wanted to do so, there wasn’t the possibility ’cause of the shortage of authentic clothing. That was the time when Vilandra “Vila” Miles – founder of ViGo Creations – took the chance to strike a new path.

It was in July 2008 when lovely and talented Amalthea “Thea” Lunasea joined her designing skills to the team, introducing her line of huntress clothing and giving new impulses and ideas. Around this time also the name of the shop got finalized.

But the demand rose steadily and finally in the first quarter of 2009 ViGo Creations were joined by gorgeous Anex “Lexa” Carnell, lending her skills in accessoires and buildings to the team.

On New Year’s Eve of 2010 ViGo Creations aquired a small Sim and rebuilt it to house the latest incarnation of one of the leading shops on authentic clothing and apparel for roleplayers by now offering a much wider range of themed outfits, supporting medieval, fantasy, gorean, savage and ancient (roman, greek) themes.

ViGo has always grown and evolved and therefore was happy to welcome its latest member of the designers crew in May 2010, stiller Himmel.

To this point the journey was an exciting one – and still there is no end in sight. Our hopes for the future are high, and we hope to have you around for the next years to come.

ViGo Creations

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  1. do you sale any of these costumes. I’ve been looking all over for the spartacus costumes.

    • Hi Wendell. 🙂

      If you click on the ViGo Creations Store link on the right it will give you the SLURL to where the store is located.

  2. is these real life creations are online?

    • These are creations for and within the virtual world of Second Life.

  3. i dont have a sl acct is there a link u can post here to the store i am very interested in the joffrey outfit

    • Trouble is, outside of SL you won’t be able to use it. I’m really sorry.

  4. Greetings! Do you happen to take any requests for types of medieval clothing? You all are so talented and I love supporting you all!

    • Yes, we most definitely do! 🙂
      I can’t promise anything about the time frame it might be realized in, but it’s always worth a shot. Please shoot me a notecard in world and I’ll get back to you as fast as I can.

      (Vilandra Miles)

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