~ Avi’s Choice Award or *OMG!!! I’m totally freaking out!* ~

I don’t know who of you voted me one of this year’s nominees for Avi’s Choice Award. I feel deeply honored and totally freaked out when I got the message! This is absolutely awesome and I thank you all SO-SO much!

Voting is still open until December 12th. So, please have a look and vote for your favorites. Of course I wouldn’t mind at all, if some of you would accidentally hit my name, you know? *wink*

Avi’s Choice Award

Thank you all so much for a wonderful journey with ViGo Creations so far.

This year, around Christmas we’re also hitting our magical 5 year birthday mark. We’re very happy and grateful that we have made it this far and hope to be around at least another 5 years.

for the whole team of crazy that is ViGo Creations

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