~ Ragged ~


Time for those not so lucky in life. Time for the She-Urts of Gor, the runaways of Earth, the Oliver Twists in all of us.

Dirty all over with ragged and patched up clothes that might have looked good one day way in the past. And what happened to those pants? A run-in with a not so friendly dog maybe? Or is it just the result of time that left them falling apart only to be covered up as good as possible with a pair of calf packings that didn’t make it to even look alike?

One thing’s for sure, there has to be a story behind these rags. Whether it’s the truth or not doesn’t matter as long as a hot meal is the outcome for telling it.

Make these rags your story! 🙂

This is a complete outfit including the dirt, shoes, hat, leg-, arm- & ear-warmers.

available in:

  • ashes
  • charcoal
  • leach
  • mold
  • mud
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