Store Policy

Thank you for visiting and shopping at ViGo Creations. We hope you enjoyed your experience and will come back to visit us again some day.

Please take some time to read this, as there is some important information in here that may answer any questions you might have.

~ Customer Service ~

Contact us:
Feel free to contact Vilandra Miles, Amalthea Lunasea, stiller Himmel or Anex Carnell in-world for any kind of questions and/or suggestions (notecards are preferred).

Response Time:
While we will do our best to reply to you immediately upon receiving your IM or notecard please allow up to 48 hours (2 days) for a response. We are just like everyone else in SL and have real lives as well as other obligations within SL. We aren’t available 24 hours a day, but we will do our best to get back to you ASAP.

~ Product Information ~

All ViGo Creations products (except collars) are NO transfer, which means returns and/or exchanges are virtually impossible. Most products are set to modify and copy despite what the permissions may say while in your inventory (due to occasional scripting permissions it may say the object is no modify when in fact it is).

Please take a look at the colors of the M/C/T in the upper left corner. Those are used like ordinary traffic lights. Green means yes, red means no. Please notice that modify permission applies to attachements only, layer parts are not modifiable. Therefore the M in many parts is set to yellow.

On our latest products you will now find letters written there, marking permissions as following:

  • C/NT – copy / no transfer
  • NC/T – no copy / transfer

For modifying permissions you will find red writing next to it, in most occasions stating: “Prims: modify + resize scripted”, which means that this product supports resizing on touch due to a script inside as well as all prim parts will be modify to give you the opportunity to tweak your outfit even further.

Refunds, Returns or Exchanges:
As mentioned above items that are set to no transfer are virtually impossible to return or exchange. As a general rule, refunds on no transfer items will not be issued, but we will handle refund requests on a case by case basis. Contact Vilandra Miles or Amalthea Lunasea with any questions.

Refunds for double purchases will be given upon you providing a copy of transaction histories for both purchases.

Stale Transactions, Failed Deliveries or Lost/Missing Items:
All ViGo Creations vendors use vendor scripts, which allow for redelivery of any product you purchased. By touching any of our vendors you will receive a menu and by choosing “Redeliver” you will get a terminal. Please click this terminal to have your purchases looked up and then choose which purchase you’d like redelivered.

If you are unable to redeliver your purchase contact Vilandra Miles or Amalthea Lunasea. Please have your transaction history available when contacting us, to ensure a speedy redelivery.

Alts do not qualify for re-deliveries, sorry.

Gifting products can be done directly from each vendor.

  1. Press the button “Buy for a Friend” and wait for the vendor to whisper: “Type in name of a friend that you want to purchase a item for”.
  2. Type the name of the person you wish to send the item to in local chat. (Please be sure the spelling is correct.)
  3. Wait for the vendor to tell you: “Next item purchased by *you* will be delivered to *your friend*” and also says so in hovertext over the vendor.
  4. Now please pay the vendor in the usual way.
  5. Once your payment is received the item will immediately be send to the person you wish to gift to.

Please follow these steps carefully!

Our items are no transfer and therefore it’s virtually impossible to hand items back. As a general rule, we do not send an item to someone else after you purchased it for yourself by not handling the vendors carefully, but we will handle such requests on a case by case basis. Contact Vilandra Miles or Amalthea Lunasea with any questions.

Additionally, all ViGo Creations products are available on the SL Marketplace. You can simply choose to send the item as a gift in your shopping cart.

Gift Cards are available at our store and are available in value of 200L$, 400L$, 800L$ and 1000L$.

Adjusting products to fit your avatar’s shape:
All ViGo Creations products are modifiable (with the exception of any scripts being used) meaning you are able to shrink, stretch, twist, or pull your product to fit your shape.

As a general rule, you want to make sure to always make a copy of your item before you begin adjusting just in case you make a mistake. This will ensure that you always have a copy of the item as it was originally created. In the event that you do mess up an item beyond recognition, you can redelivery your item using one of the redelivery terminals of the vendors of the ViGo Creations main store.

Some people find it useful to have the dimensions of our building avatars to allow for tweaking of their avatar to fit certain products. At our store you will find boxes offering the shapes we usually use as well as style cards, in case you wish to know where some parts our models wear come from (e.g. skin, hair, eyes…)

Resize scripts:

We are no friends of resize scripts due to the problems they usually cause. But by now we come to realize that resize scripts have become a matter of course in the clothing market. The scripts we use are low-lag and hopefully as comfortable to handle for you as it comes. Nevertheless, please keep in mind to delete the scripts after you’re done fitting for the sake of all of us. 🙂

Most of our older creations do NOT provide resize scripting. But we are offering such scripts for free at the ViGo Creations main store for you to grab.

~ Update Group ~

Subscription based update group:
The ViGo Creations updates group is free to join and is subscription based so a traditional SL group slot is not required.
– This group will receive any new release notices in addition to any news or events in regards to ViGo Creations.
– In addition to updates, group members will occasionally receive group gifts that are limited time only.

To subscribe simply click on the terminal located near the entrance of the ViGo Creations main store. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the terminal again and choosing “unsubscribe.”

Past group gifts and/or exclusives will not be given out once they are made unavailable. Availability is determined by Vilandra Miles.

~ Rental Shops  ~

All aspects and details of the rental space on the ViGo Creations & Knickknack market are handled solely by Vilandra Miles. For more information about availability or general questions please contact her via notecard.

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